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The ILeads recruiting team does a minimum 3 level screening process which helps us filter and select the Best Possible Candidates in the city of Dehradun and 4 more neighboring urban areas with a medium to high population density. It also helps that Dehradun is known as the City of Education with over 200 Colleges & Educational Institutions surrounding us and giving us a very large workforce pool.

Recruitment Process

ILeads makes sure that all candidates are screened in every required aspect of the job description provided to us by our Customers.



General Aptitude Tests including basic communication and logical reasoning.

English Fluency or ESL

English Fluency or ESL

We conduct regular standardized tests to check the English Verbal as well as Written Communication of the candidate, if the process requires a language check. We also have various English as a Second Language Training Programs which are provided in house by our highly skilled Training Team.

Interview and Personality Assessment

Interview And Personality Assessment

Based on a face to face interview round, where our highly qualified interviewers check for communication skills, secondary language skills, mother tongue and regional influences on the accent, logical questioning, and skills test such as typing, we finish our selection and recruitment process.