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Our Team

ILeads Auxiliary Services Pvt. Ltd. features a Strong and Highly Experienced Management Structure along with a very Competent, Capable and Durable Team. We have a thorough hiring and selection process that guarantees the acquisition of the best resources available. Our quality of staff is something that we never compromise on.

Meet Our ILeads Core Team

Ankur Sinha
Mr. Ankur Sinha
CEO & Director
Anubha Sinha
Mrs. Anubha Sinha
Sunny Sodhi
Mr. Sunny Sodhi
Chief Operating Officer
Samuel Mohan
Mr. Samuel Mohan
Executive Vice President
Surbhi Rajvanshi
Ms. Surbhi Rajvanshi
Chief Financial Officer
Pooja Jaiswal
Mrs. Pooja Jaiswal
Chief Human Resources Officer
Shreya Hajela
Ms. Shreya Hajela
Chief Experience Officer
Rahul Mamgain
Mr. Rahul Mamgain
Sr. Manager Ops.
Avinash Gupta
Mr. Avinash Gupta
Sr. Manager Ops.
Sakshi Sharma
Ms. Sakshi Sharma
Sr. Manager Ops.
Ajeet Sahu
Mr. Ajeet Sahu
Sr. Manager Ops.
Atul Gupta
Mr. Atul Gupta
Sr. Manager Ops.
Bipin Duklan
Mr. Bipin Duklan
Recruitment Head
Vinay Thapa
Mr. Vinay Thapa
Global Recruiter
Neha Rawat
Ms. Neha Rawat
Employee Relations & Retention
Sakshi Dobhal
Ms. Sakshi Dobhal
Global Trainer
Sandeep Chand
Mr. Sandeep Chand
Global Trainer